We are a multidisciplinar company focussed on: education, product development, smart cities, sustainability, marketing and esports.

We create whatever we are passionate about so we give everything we have in each of our projects.

We develop our company throughout our university years in LEINN ( Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Leadership) where our abbilities are aquired by the methot “learning by doing”. As we are entrepreneurs in LEINN, we are part of MTA (Mondragon Team Academy), a global community of team-entrepreneurs.

15 Entrepreneurs

1 Team

Consolidated and diverse team

1st Learning journey

Innovation in Finland<br /> New business models<br /> Internationalization

Organization of events

The organization of girl skateboarding biggest event in the Basque Country<br /> 80 girls community<br /> More than 10,000 people enganged

Visits to clients


Books read


Events organized


Training sessions

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